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Chess Test
See how well you’re doing with your chess abilities
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Is your middle game to blame? For shame! Tune your fiddle to win in the middle. Take aim to win in the middle game. You’ll find a variety of tactics here, all for your enjoyment and all of them in middle-game positions. Don’t miss this test. It’s important.
Survive the middle game and you may find yourself puzzling over an end-game problem. The final stage of many chess games involves few pieces but some of these can be most challenging. Have you assumed that endgame positions must be simple when very few pieces are left. Be surprised.
test yourself on middle games Test yourself on the end game
Don’t let moving-first turn your game upside down. Learn some basic principles of chess openings and test yourself here. In addition, test your knowledge of the names of some of the openings that most often come up in chess games. Knowing names might not help you win, but it’s part of the fun.
test yourself on chess openings
Middle Game
End Game
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