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Chess Test: Openings
© Jonathan David Whitcomb
Chess trivia perhaps, depending on how deeply you are into the game, but many opening moves have names ascribed to them, and some of the openings go back centuries. Names may change over time. What was once commonly called the “Ruy Lopez” is now often called the “Spanish Game.”
Here’s the practical side of the chess openings: What move is good and what’s bad? Look at the multitude of multiple choices and you decide. Some are obvious, perhaps, but others can be tricky, with a few opening traps included. We have to start somewhere, so why not in this section on opening-moves?
test yourself on opening names Test yourself on opening moves
In the first few moves of the game, the minor pieces (knights and bishops) need to be developed, meaning they need to move off the back rank and onto potentially good squares where they’re more useful. Test yourself on openings in two ways: Names of common openings and actual chess positions. The second way is more likely to help you to actually win chess games.
What is an Opening?
Did you forget the name?
What’s the best move?
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