Chess Test (Home) Openings Introduction opening-Cordel-Ruy-Lopez Chess Book for Beginners
Opening Names: Test 1 Answer
© Jonathan David Whitcomb
1. e4       e5 2. Nf3     Nc6 3. Bb5    Bc5 One possible continuation in the Classical or Cordel Defense is: 4. O-O      Qf6?! 5. c3         Nge7 6. Re1!    . . . . . With an advantage for white. Black would be better playing Nf6 on the fourth move, transposing into the Berlin Defense of the Ruy Lopez. Black’s bishop pressure on f2 is less threatening after white castles. On white’s fourth move, c3 is also possible, preparing for d4.
Answer: C Classical or Cordel Defense of the Ruy Lopez Opening